Reebert (reebert) wrote,

Before I found out that my job was moving to Gothenburg I had started to make plans for Sean and I. Since I was working in Fritsla, and Robert is no longer living there, I thought we could move back. I searched for apartments, I signed Sean up for a daycare transfer, I was planning on riding my bike to work. The apartment would be cheaper and I'd save money on gas each month as well. Fritsla is a small village, but a very active one. They have tons of activities for children throughout the year. Today the owners of the apartment I wanted most of all phoned and said it was mine if I wanted it. I had to turn it down. Ugh. I know there are better things waiting for us, but just ugh.

I was watching Discovery channel tonight and a show called "First Week In" came on. It follows three different criminals during their first week of prison. I thought of my brother. I wonder how he is. I hope he's ok. It makes me sad.

I finally, finally bought a little lamp to have by the bed so that I can read Sean bedtime stories in bed again. He's quieter and concentrates better when we lay in bed. Sitting on the sofa and trying to read to him before bedtime is not great. He jumps up and down and has comments about every word I read. It winds him up instead of calming him down, not good. haha

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    Sean is really driving me crazy lately. I think it's a combination of his age and my exhaustion. He repeats everything over and over and has this…

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    Uhh....a mink just walked through my front yard. That's a first!

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    Sean is a potty-trained professional! No accidents and he even stops playing to tell me he needs to go. Awesome!

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