Reebert (reebert) wrote,

I turned forty on Easter. There was no big party or anything, but I did get a suprise visit and nice gift from our previous neighbors. Sean did the whole Easter trick-or-treating thing. Sometimes it's beneficial living in an elderly neighborhood. Those old folks really know how to give out the candy! I think they all gave him at least three handfulls! haha

I am LOVING my job. It's just challenging enough to keep it interesting and the coworkers are just great. However, we got the news this week that in October they are moving the company to Gothenburg and integrating it into a larger company. That went over like a lead brick. It's not the worst news but it does mean that I have to make some changes. I cannot afford to drive to Gothenburg every day. This means I either have to find a new job or move to Gothenburg. I like living out here in the country. Moving to the city has it's plusses and I try to keep the positives in mind. Closer to friends. Good shopping. Easier to date. Possibly easier to find a babysitter. But there are negatives as well. Higher costs. Less open spaces. More crime. There is also concerns over schooling in the future and the real risk of not getting a daycare spot if we move. Ugh... lots of thoughts that have been keeping me up late at night. Anyhow, I've signed up with some rental agencies and also with the unemployment office, so who knows what will happen. Changes are a commin!

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    Sean is really driving me crazy lately. I think it's a combination of his age and my exhaustion. He repeats everything over and over and has this…

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    Uhh....a mink just walked through my front yard. That's a first!

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    Sean is a potty-trained professional! No accidents and he even stops playing to tell me he needs to go. Awesome!

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