Reebert (reebert) wrote,

We had a little family party for Sean on Wednesday. Robert's parents and our old neighbors were here. I made a big flag banner thing to hang across the living room and then hung up balloons all over. Sean was so excited. All day he kept saying, "Sean birthday!" with a big smile and sparkly eyes. He's not a big cake eater generally so I tried to make something I thought he might like a little bit. I made a pancake cake with layers of chocolate, whipped cream, and peaches. He ate tons of the ingredients while we were putting it together and then at the party he ate one bite of cake. I call it a success! hahaha

I really suck at taking birthday pictures. I didn't get any good ones at his first birthday and none at the family party this year either. Ugh. I have one more chance at his big party tomorrow.

Evidently flickr won't let me upload pics right now so you'll have to wait to see them.

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    Uhh....a mink just walked through my front yard. That's a first!

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    Sean is a potty-trained professional! No accidents and he even stops playing to tell me he needs to go. Awesome!

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