October 17th, 2013


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Sean is really driving me crazy lately. I think it's a combination of his age and my exhaustion. He repeats everything over and over and has this annoying fake laugh that goes on for days. It's really annoying. But I do hear his friends doing it as well so I'm sure it's just the age.

My sleep problems are nearly breaking me. I've been trying to get help for over ten years without much success. I've gotten an odd pill here or there but they never help. I kept begging for a referral to a sleep clinic and none of the doctors would ever give me one. Finally, two months ago, I got a bit...unpleasant and refused to leave without the referral. She wrote it but I still haven't heard anything from the clinic. So I made an appointment at the private one. It's expensive, but I'm pretty desperate at this point. The exhaustion is affecting every aspect of my life now. What makes me saddest is that I know I would most likely have more patience and more energy to be the mother I want to be if I could just get a good nights sleep. My appointment is at the end of the month so keep your fingers crossed that they can help me.

Work is good, and not. My boss has no leadership skills. I've heard now from most of the other employees that they've all had problems with her and that she shouldn't be in charge of employees. *sigh* I don't know how I always end up with bosses that are only in charge because they've been there the longest, not because they are actually qualified to lead people. The garments that were sewn before I arrived have all been returned because of problems. The wrong labels, wrong sizes, clothing label doesn't match bag label, etc. It's annoying but I can understand how it happened...kind of. Doesn't matter, I can fix the issues but my boss keeps treating me like I'm an idiot and like I've made all these mistakes. I pointed out to her that I didn't sew those garments and showed her how I knew that. She responded that I shouldn't make excuses and shift blame. Uhh....ok. If I make a mistake I admit it. I'm pretty fucking good at my job and I'm very, very organized. I'm not saying I won't make a mistake, but I do try to set myself up for success so that mistakes are as minimal as possible. Gah! Anyhow, it's been a really stressful week to say the least.

Oh, and my pain-free arm is no longer pain-free. :( *sigh*