Reebert (reebert) wrote,

I suffer from "skadeglädje". Do we even have a word for that in English? The words the dictionary gives don't seem quite right: malice, gloat, spitefulness. It's when you laugh at someone's pain, not with a cruel intent. More like when someone trips and falls and the falling itself was terrifically funny even though the after math wasn't. I cannot stop laughing about stuff like that! It's a curse. My younger sister and I once got glared out of a yoga class because we both could not compose ourselves after someone stretched themself the wrong way, got hurt, and then made a funny comment about it. haha

I forgot to mention that on Saturday my date willingly went second-hand shopping with me. (Dream guy! haha) While in the stores we both kind of went our own ways while browsing. In one store I managed to knock an ENTIRE shelf of ceramics onto the floor. It was an impressive crash! I was so embarrassed. When we were in the car I asked him if he'd heard all the commotion, he had. Then I confessed that it was me and we both had a good laugh. hehe
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