Reebert (reebert) wrote,

Sean is 16.5 months old now. He started walking last Friday. He's never even stood up without holding onto something and then all of a sudden on Friday he just up and starts walking on his own. Today he is running. He is something else! haha

He hollers through the house for Robert (Pappa!) to find out where he is. If Robert isn't home or doesn't answer he gets mad. Also, if I lose my patience with the dogs and tell them to go lay down he tries to mimic what I've said, in the same tone. Eeek!

New words he says: shoes, Kian (the neighbor boy), bubbles, diaper.

Whenever he sees something that is soft, like a teddy, a dog, a cat, etc. even if it is just a picture in a book, he squints his eyes a little, rubs his cheek with his hand, and says, "ohhhhhhh" trying to convey how soft it is. I love this. hehe

As for me, I've been struggling with some emotional things, but it's getting better. I've been to the doctor about a problem with my ears. It's not better so I'll be calling again tomorrow. All my various pains are still present although the SPD pain is getting a lot better. I think the stop in breastfeeding has helped that a lot. I start back to work in 6.5 weeks. :/
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