Reebert (reebert) wrote,

I've created a monster!

I'm positive that aliens have taken my son and left a foul-tempered look-alike in his place. Seemingly overnight Sean has developed a powerful temper and a very strong sense of what he does and does not like. And what he does not like the most is to be told "no".

I have no doubt about where he got his temper. It wasn't from his placid father. *ahem*

He woke up at 6am this morning. I handed him his water bottle and turned to check the clock. His alphabet book was sitting in front of it so I moved it and that caught his attention. He wanted the book. I told him no, that it was too dark to see it and we would read it later. Then I closed my eyes and was trying to half sleep a little longer. But no, instead I got a bottle slammed down onto my head and a screaming banshee in my bed. I took the bottle away and told him not to do that. Then, stupidly, closed my eyes again only to be double slapped across the face. What the....???!!!!

He scratched the skin off of Robert's nose yesterday. He gave me a titty-twister today because I was changing his diaper and he didn't approve. Pinching is his new greatest joy. carrieb I'm so totally understanding the abuse you've been going through these last years. haha

Although he is still my little angel, he's certainly good at being devlish. I mean, look at the gleam in those eyes. Something painful happened about two seconds after that picture was taken. haha
devlish imp
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