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It's been hot, hot, hot here over the past week! I'm not complaining though, not much anyway. I do complain at night when I'm trying to sleep and am instead sweating and sticking to the bedding. Ugh. I will be much happier at this time next week when I get to endure hot temperatures with my choice of a sea or a pool to lounge in. haha

Sean is not breastfeeding at all anymore. Last Thursday he was pretty uninterested in the session before bedtime so on Friday night I decided that if he asked for it he could have it but otherwise I wouldn't offer. He didn't ask. And he hasn't asked since. I was a bit sad at first because I really wasn't ready to stop. I enjoyed the closeness with him and that little bit of special time we had together that was unlike anything he had with anyone else. But that's how it goes. And I am super happy that throughout the process of weaning it was fairly painless for him, and me. I only had to pump once for relief. I wanted it to be easy for him and it seems that it was.

He's climbing staircases now. But he doesn't do it on his hands and knees. No, no, my son does it on his hands and feet! haha He definitely has a strong sense of how he wants to do things and there's no persuading him otherwise. He's also very interested in using silverware and feeding Robert and I. He thinks it is especially fun to feed us his bottle of water. And if we forget, he is there to remind us to make the Ahhhhh sound when we're finished. hahaha One time he was sharing his water with me and I told him no thank you and that I was finished and I kind of turned my head away. Well he just leaned forward, grabbed my chin, turned my face back towards him, brushed the hair out of my face, and stuck the bottle in my mouth! Such a crack up!

Today I cleaned up the kiddie pool and filled it with some water. Normally I would just let him get in it naked, but I wanted him to try on his new sun protection swimsuit, plus I didn't want to slather on full-body sunscreen an hour before naptime. And because I'm lazy. Ha! He was a little dubious of the pool at first, he loves taking a bath so maybe it was the red color or the fact that it was outside that threw him off. But it didn't take long for him to enjoy it and then he didn't want to get out.

kiddie pool

kiddie pool

kiddie pool

And look at those curls!!! His hair is actually really long it just coils up into these tight little spiral curls. hehe I think it's soooooo cute!
kiddie pool
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