Reebert (reebert) wrote,

Blah! What a lot of grey and cold we have these days! It's crazy to have to bundle up in a jacket, scarf, and hat just to spend some time outdoors in JUNE!! We are trying to find a good last-minute deal on a vacation somewhere sunny.

washing windows

On Sunday Sean started walking with his wagon walker toy thing. At first he couldn't get into the standing position on his own but it didn't take long before he figured that out. I have a feeling he's going to be a runner. I don't mean athletically, I mean running to get away from Mommy and Daddy's reach. haha Already he crawls like a maniac "running" away from us and laughing the whole time. We are in for it! I'll be purchasing one of those backpack leashes for sure. haha

watching the dogs play

He said his first word yesterday. He said "juice". It's SOOOOOOOO cute I can't even stand it. I ask him to say it over and over. haha We don't even say it that much because we only drink juice on Sunday mornings, but I guess it made an impression on him. haha

Jessie is sure noticing Sean's increasing mobility. He chases her around the house non-stop and this is where she usually gives up and just lets him do what he wants:
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