Reebert (reebert) wrote,

We've had a good weekend. It's just been quiet and spent at home, but nice nonetheless. The neighbor's man has been away so we've had her and her son over for dinner and tea a few times. And Sean and I have gone there to hang out and play as well.

The weaning is still going well. We're down from every three hours all day long to twice at night. He's feeling a bit sad about it this week and is extra clingy during naps and at night. That's okay though, I understand that it's hard for him. It's most difficult when he still decides he doesn't want to eat because he thinks he'll wait it out for the milk. But the milk doesn't happen and he gets cranky and hungry but still won't eat. So twice I've felt his stomach growling in the night and it makes me sad, but I don't give in.

Yesterday Robert gave Sean and the neighbor boy rides on the lawn mower. Once Sean got the ear protectors on he felt like he couldn't move his head, he would just move his eyes around, it was funny. They both really had fun.

taking a ride
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